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The Oligarchy Speaks on Marriage

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The Oligarchy Speaks on Marriage

“When absolutes are denied, there is no basis for truth; the absence of truth leaves only opinion; in a world of opinions, the tyrant wins.”               Anonymous

Freedom is greatest for those with the greatest power. America’s founders intended for the greatest power to rest with the people. Their writings make it clear that it was not their intention for an unelected oligarchy of nine to rule with unrestrained power. Last month, five justices of the U.S. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) bullied their way past federalism and the separation of church and state in the latest attempt to crush both with their statist gavel. Thirty states had previously defined marriage as between a man and a woman, and since the opinion, governors and legislatures across the U.S. have declared their intentions to protect their states from the anti-religious Supreme Court decision. Missouri’s governor, on the other hand, has declared his full support of the reprobate opinion. Elections really do matter!

The gradual demise of any moral restraint or even the legitimacy of moral values has introduced this nation to a political no man’s land where there are no moral absolutes and hence no right and wrong – only opinion. Marriage was not conceived, designed, nor imposed by the state, but it has suddenly been discovered by five judges in the U. S. Constitution. They even discovered its definition secretly coded therein. These five jurists, whose oath to support the constitution took second place, intend to impose their existential creativity upon fifty sovereign states from which they supposedly derive their jurisdiction. By their hand, federalism has been cast aside in favor of a social agenda. What happened to a “nation of laws, not of men?”

The violation of separation of church and state by this opinion was unprecedented. An institution which has always been the jurisdiction of the church was hijacked and neutered. Heretofore pledged to the propagation and benefit of children, these five elitists decreed it to the pleasure of adults. Apparently, marriage is no longer about the children. The state can no more redefine marriage than it can redefine death or birth. We make laws to accommodate all three and to describe any agreed-upon legal status, but their inherent character is beyond the reach of the state. Contracts are the legitimate jurisdiction of the state. However, marriage is not a contract but a divine relationship.

Had federalism prevailed, the SCOTUS would have acknowledged the absences of any constitutional status for marriage and would have left jurisdiction to the states. Some states would have taken the same reprobate approach as the SCOTUS and would have seen the exodus of those most offended by the redefinition of marriage and the immigration of same-sex proponents. In due time, populations would be affected as some states enjoyed increased birth rates while others declined. Prosperity would be affected and some public policies would be validated while others would not. Absolutes really do exist even if denied. Even if morality is ignored and all is left to mathematics, economics, anatomy, physiology, and nature, federalism and liberty eventually sort out the good from the bad; it takes time but absolutes prevail. The only way to implement and sustain bad public policy is by the mandatory hand of government via king, dictator, or oligarchy.

Several states have already begun attempts to mitigate the harmful effects of this unconstitutional SCOTUS opinion. The Missouri legislature must seek out the most effective ways to protect religious freedoms and the principles of righteousness, but we will need your prayers and divine intervention to get it right. As Justice Thomas wrote in his minority opinion: “This distortion of our Constitution not only ignores the text, it inverts the relationship between the individual and the state in our Republic.” The question we must ask is whether this violation of their oath to support the Constitution of the United States justifies impeachment of five Supreme Court judges. I believe it should.

Thank you for reading this legislative report. You can contact my office at (573) 751-2108 if you have any questions. Thank you and we welcome your prayers for the proper application of state government.


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