Endorsements | Ed Emery for State Senate 31


◄ “Missouri Right to Life Political Action Committee is pleased to endorse your candidacy for the general election being held November 6, 2012. This endorsement represents our selection of you as the only candidate in your race who will be an effective voice for the protection of innocent human life. … We take great care in choosing candidates to support in elections. … We thank you for your desire and efforts to protect the lives of the vulnerable in our society.” — Dave Plemmons, chairman, Missouri Right to Life Political Action Committee 

◄ “On behalf of the over 9,000 small business members of the National Federation of Independent Business in Missouri, I am very pleased to announce that you have earned our endorsement for the upcoming general election in November. Our goal at NFIB is to make Missouri one of the most entrepreneur-friendly states in the country. I’m hoping, with your help, we will move closer to that goal when the legislature reconvenes in January.” — Brad Jones, Missouri state director, National Federation of Independent Business-Missouri

◄ “On behalf of NRA members in the Missouri Senate District 31, I am pleased to announce your NRA-PVF “A” rating and endorsement for the 2012 Missouri general election. This endorsement is a reflection of your strong record of support on Second Amendment issues while serving in the Missouri State House, and your response to the NRA-PVF candidate questionnaire. Our members will interpret your “A” rating and endorsement as being a solid pro-gun/pro-hunting candidate who is an advocate for the right to keep and bear arms.” — Trevor W. Santos, Missouri state liaison, NRA-ILA state and local affairs

◄ “Ed is a man of his word. When I served with Ed in the House, I knew that his oath to the constitution would always direct his decisions. The Senate needs constitutional conservatives. As far as I am concerned, Ed Emery is at the top of the list.” — Sen. Jim Lembke

◄ “Ed Emery informs and inspires citizens to join the battle for tax reform, community protection, sanctity of life and Constitutional principles — all areas in which his wisdom and leadership were sought in Jefferson City… Ed distinguished himself in the Missouri legislature. He is both a social and fiscal conservative leader. Your family and community will be strengthened with Ed in the Missouri Senate. I recommend and endorse Ed Emery as your state Senator! — Rabbi D. F. Eukel, founder & chairman Leaders Lead Locally Institute

◄ “Ed Emery is as strong an advocate for the family and the sanctity of life as you will find. I appreciate his consistent, conservative positions. Ed is not afraid to stand for the hard issues that may lose him friends but win the future for Missouri.” — Sen. Matt Bartle

◄ “CWA of Missouri respected and admired the statesmanship of Ed Emery during the eight years he served in the Missouri House of Representatives. We came to know Rep. Emery as a man of conviction and action, and we know that he will take his experience as an effective state representative with him into the state Senate. Rep. Emery’s moral virtue and his established record of hard work in defense of Missouri families give him a strong foundation for representing his constituents in Jefferson City. We are confident that Rep. Emery will continue to fight effectively to defend and strengthen Missouri families “ — Bev Ehlen, state director for the Concerned Women for America

◄ “The most principled man that I ever served with in my eight years in the Missouri House was Ed Emery. Ed will be on the correct side of every issue. You can count on Ed. We went to school together. We served six years in the House together. I have no qualms about supporting him.” — Rep. Barney Fisher

◄ “I heartily endorse Ed Emery in the primary election for state Senate District 31. I served with Ed in the Missouri House and observed the character and consistency I want in my elected officials. He is committed to the people he serves and showed unwavering principle in spite of political pressure. Ed wants to empower the people, not enhance his own political future. He promotes limited government and opposes policies that kill jobs and prosperity. He fought to defend his constituents from unconstitutional or unreasonable government, and I have seen no stronger advocate for individual liberty and the free market economy than Ed Emery.” — Sen. Rob Schaaf

◄ “Of all the legislators I have met, there is not one that I would more highly recommend than Ed Emery. Most of us simply are not aware of all the issues facing our state, and so we must trust our legislators. We can trust Ed to tell us the truth, to work hard and to fight for conservative family values.” — Former Rep. Rex Rector

◄ “I was privileged to be Ed’s seat-mate in the House, and I know him well. He is hard working; he is honest; and he has the highest degree of integrity. Both his friends and constituents trust him to do the right thing, and that is why it is easy to endorse him for the Missouri state Senate.” — Former Rep. Susan Phillips

◄ “I have known Ed Emery for the past 10 years. We served together in the Missouri House of Representatives for eight years, and I had gotten to know him well. We also ran against each other in the 28th Senatorial race and continue to be friends. Ed represented his district with honesty and integrity, and stood strong for his conservative values. I admire Ed Emery for what he stands for. And I hope you, the voters, will seriously consider Ed for a very serious position as your next state senator.” — Former Rep. Larry Wilson

◄ “I enthusiastically endorse Ed Emery because he has a tested and proven track record of voting his principles even when the risk or pressure of doing so is great.” — Sen. Jane Cunningham

◄ “With our economy remaining stagnant, it has never been more important to send candidates to Jefferson City that will aggressively fight for fiscally conservative policies. We believe these eight candidates [including Ed Emery in Senate District 31] have what it takes to make the bold economic decisions that will benefit all Missourians.” — Larry Schuster, chairman Missouri Club for Growth Political Action Committee

◄ “Ed Emery is the kind of fiscal conservative that I can get behind. He believes in constraining government spending, replacing a tax system that unfairly restricts prosperity, and reducing unnecessary regulations on small businesses to stimulate growth. Missourians are looking for true leadership during these tough economic times, and I believe Ed is the man to provide that leadership in District 31 and for all Missouri.” — Sen. Chuck Purgason

◄ “My wife, Priscilla, and I have known Ed for many years and through all of his campaigns. We have found him to be a man of integrity, and he remains solid in his convictions. We are pro-life and know that Ed will always make protecting the unborn and the elderly his greatest concern. We are pleased to endorse him.” — Clay Lyons

◄ “I give my full support to Ed Emery as a candidate for the Missouri Senate. Ed Emery has proven himself as the right person for the senatorial office due to a lifetime of consistent and active participation within our local community, as well as in the bigger community of the state of Missouri. Ed has strong moral, ethical and spiritual standards that ring true and sound for the betterment of every person. He has a determined, responsible, but gentle personality, which will embrace the need and welfare of all he will represent. I encourage you to vote yes for Ed Emery for state senator of Missouri.” — Rev. Larry E. Garfield

 ◄ “I am endorsing Ed Emery for Missouri state Senate. Ed met with me at a prayer meeting in Clinton held by the Gideons back in 2010. We spoke about issues concerning our country today. Mr. Emery is pro-life, stands for the sanctity of marriage, and believes in liberties set forth by the Constitution. He is very concerned about where the country is headed today. This is why I ask that you vote for him on August 7th.” — Jeff Mullen

◄ “I am supporting Ed Emery because he is willing to speak the truth, even when it may hurt his reputation or his chances of being elected. Ed does not say what people want to hear; he says what he believes and what people need to hear. On August 7, we have the opportunity to elect not a politician, but a statesman — a statesman who is willing to stand alone no matter how great the cost. Please join me in voting for Ed Emery.” — Cass County Treasurer Steve Cheslik

◄ “We are in real need of honest statesmen to represent us in Jefferson City — those who are not self-serving or looking to line their own pockets, but are looking out for our best interests. Ed Emery is that man for Cass County and the rest of the 31st district. He is honest and has the integrity and fortitude to fight for what needs to be done to put our state back on its constitutional foundation where it belongs.” — Jo Junkin

◄ “Ed Emery has proven his character, remaining a believer in smaller government and working for the good of all Missouri. Our senator must be able to be practical and pragmatic while carrying the conservative flag to the senate. I hope you will join me at the polls August 7th and vote to send Ed Emery back to Jefferson City as our state senator. ” — Tom Shaw

◄ “It is our joy and privilege to endorse Ed Emery, candidate for the Missouri Senate. Ed has proven himself as a man of moral excellence and impeccable leadership. We need Ed Emery as our next Senator to keep Missouri standing firm on the solid foundation of our God-given freedoms!” — Cliff & Cindy Hazard

◄ “Ed Emery has our vote for state Senate, District 31. He knows that the future of our country is in the education (not indoctrination) of our children. The wisdom and experience lies within the senior citizens, and those in between need to have the freedom to conduct their business without government interference. He will be a great state senator for our district.” — Jim and Dorothy Pirie

◄ “Ed Emery is a proven leader in promoting conservative values and in taking steps to reduce illegal immigration. He has my full endorsement.” — Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach


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