Sanctity of Life | Ed Emery for State Senate 31

Sanctity of Life


Sanctity of life is not just opposition to abortion and euthanasia: It is a measure of the value of a human life. Nothing is more sacred or worthy of protection than life from conception to the grave.

It is the sanctity of life that demands the reversal of Roe v. Wade, rejects Obamacare for threatening seniors, and condemns cloning, no matter how some redefine or justify it.

Just as youth is the strength of our future, the elderly are the wisdom and stability. They provide the anchor to the past and direction for the future. Our elderly represent our heritage. They must never be treated as property or as expendable. There is certainly no place in “one nation under God” for euthanasia or suicide. The elderly are a national treasure. They should be treated as such.

Diminishing the immeasurable value of life can only be rationalized by denying our Creator and attributing god-like powers to government. As your state senator, I will join like-minded officials to chain down the government with the constitution, not empower it to redefine life.

Ed’s Pro-Life Positions:

  • Against taxpayer funding of abortion
  • Supports informing and appropriately counseling those seeking abortions to encourage them to choose life
  • Prioritizes the fight to protect God-given life
  • Opposes human cloning and using embryonic stem cells for research
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