Issues | Ed Emery for State Senate 31
  • Education

    The status quo is not acceptable, yet history and independent study confirm that spending more and more money is not the solution. More importantly, we need to return control of our education system to parents and local school boards who know best the needs of their children. And we need to give them choices. Read More..

  • Government & Business

    Ed believes that government is frequently out of touch with the conservative principles of Missouri. He knows that our communities will grow and flourish when the farmer and small business person are free to operate without unreasonable restrictions. Too many in government have either misunderstood or opposed the American spirit of independence. They have replaced independenc e with dependence as the American way. Government must provide opportunity, not handouts. Business and workers, not government programs, are the key to a sound future. Read More..

  • Healthcare

    Just as youth is the strength of our future, the elderly are the wisdom and stability. They provide the anchor to the past and direction for the future. Our elderly represent our heritage. They must never be treated as property or as expendable. There is certainly no place in “one nation under God” for euthanasia or suicide. The elderly are a national treasure. They should be treated as such. Read More..

  • Jobs & Prosperity

    There are three major requirements to return jobs and prosperity to Missourians: legislation to eliminate government-mandated union membership so Missouri can compete with neighboring right-to-work states; regulatory reform that will free small businesses from excessive and punitive regulation and engage the power of the free market; and comprehensive tax reform that eliminates the politician-empowering income tax and replaces it with a consumer-empowering consumption tax. Read More..

  • Privacy and Security

    “Illegal immigration” is an oxymoron since immigration implies lawful migration into another country. What millions of foreign individuals have done is more accurately labeled “illegal entry.” Every citizen and legal resident should be concerned. Citizenship is devalued, and our heritage of liberty is threatened when borders and immigration status are ignored. Read More..

  • Sanctity of Life

    Ed Emery opposes all so-called medical techniques that would give mere men the right to sacrifice a life in the womb by their own arbitrary choice. He is against taxpayer funding of abortion. He is in favor of informing and appropriately counseling those seeking abortions to encourage them to do the right thing (choosing life) for both their babies and themselves. Ed is for free speech and for speaking the truth about abortion’s consequences, whatever the opposition. Ed knows the fight to protect God-given life must go on. Read More..

  • Second Amendment

    Our Founding Fathers recognized that the greatest deterrent to armed invasion and domestic violence was an armed citizenry. They diligently protected our right to keep and bear arms by the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. Ed believes it is our duty to continue to protect that right. Read More..

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